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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sweetest Thing I've Ever Had

Okay okay, its been quite sometime since my last blog, and well you guys can say i got lost in my own time and space, whatever.haha. That's life don't you agree?

Well, let me start by saying i had this great cool closest friend and she's from canada and she's the sweetest person i've ever met[Oh,cant wait she flies down to Malaysia]. Well you cant really say ever as you know my mum is sweet and my dad too. haha. Okay okay lets stop with all this nonsense. 

Well, i've known her for a year plus now and she's kinda cute, sweet and well gentle with me [okay okay chill now]. Well i do play online games and one of it would be Ragnarok. Okay some might say "Aiya, So old already the game still playing ah", Well screw you all for that and  i love it so buzz off.

I just like showing off what she did by asking an artist to create something so simple but there's meaning to it too. Its so cute i can felt the sweetness. im getting childish with this. Oh dear forgive me im already 21 i should act my age. haha. Well who care aren't im right. But then i really do have to get a hobby. haha.

But for this i love her for doing this. Thanks Dear. Hehe....


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Something just for laugh!!

Hello again, its been so long seen my last post. This is something a friend of mine shared with me a video of some japanese dude dancing to theme songs. Its hilariuos, focus on the middle dude, he seem to be very into doing it more then the rest and plus his good at doing it..hahaha..must be the leadar. It seem as if the rest was force to doing it, if they're wearing mask why not do it, no one will know who are they. There group name are called Zombies .This is one of the video where if im not mistaken its bout masturbation as it seem they kept on rubbing "You know where"...haha..i cant stop watching it as its just way to hilarous and for that i thought why not i share it with you guys...hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did...ENJOY!!

Here is the Link




Sorry having prob uploading the video here..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

One Day!

haha..oh yea i forgot to post something a friend of mine and me saw during our way back home after class..my friend named Darren was in my car going back home but we were kinda caught in a slow jam, and in front of us we saw this white vehicle which was dirty as you can see the dust and behind of it there we were words..haha..do i have to describe it..look at the picture above!I don mind you calling the number just to try it out..but hey if it works comment me and tell me..i never tried it..i took the picture while i was driving..i know i know "focus on the road!" but hey this is something you shouldn't miss out..hahaha...well then im not advising on trying to call, but hey you can do whatever you want..haha...im just posting it and in case you cant see the number properly and the word this is what it was written "0136066248 GIGOLO"..hahaha...have fun guys! 

Merry Christmas!

Im Gonna start by wishing everyone A Merry Merry Christmas and Bless All Of You!

Actually today, to me is nothing special i guess, well, i know that today is my boyfriend's birthday and yes you guys might be wondering why im not celebrating with him , his not here so im wasting my time during christmas downloading movies and videos. Sure sure, most of you are having a great time celebrating christmas, but to me it just as normal as everyday goes by. Blah Blah..people might think im emo-ing as how people calls it when someone is being depress(cant you guys find a better word than that).

And today's post i have nothing much to say causenothing much happen. All that happen was that I woke up, bathed , ate my food and watched tv. Im a lazy bum cause im lazy to go out dating with other guys as well..hahaha(o.0)nono...cannot cannot...my mind shouldn't be thinking bout that...nononono...(^__^)forgive me dear lord!thou shall not shall not shall not..ermm...*silent*(and im not christian).

But hey today is kinda a good day. First of all i have to say that i have enough of sleep, i have nice food today, even though i got some nagging by MY mum but hey who never had one, MUMS!!sheesh!!OUCH!!

Well, im just posting for fun today, might post something more extra's if i find anything thats fun tonight. Merry Chirstmas And Happy New Year!!Good Nite!! SanTa is coming tonight!!weee!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Something just for laugh

i was at my friend house the other day and i was in his room and you know what he threw at me a packet of condom which his friend from vietnam gave him as a going away present before that vietnam dude flew back to his hometown. ahaha...and for being bored while his tranfering some stuff into my external harddisk i took one of the condom opened it and well played with it.haha..that was the first time i kinda play with it.The latex is so strong and plus it kinda smooth and oily..*eww* haha (but u guys know one day you all will be using it so dont go eww on me too for playing)..so i blew it (not mouth contact if thats what u thinking) and tied it into a balloon..haha..it has a weird looking shape haha (you know how it looks like you know the guy "thingy") and we took picture of it.its was so fun we took it and start hitting it and was testing how strong was it..lolz..its was quite strong. GOOD!! this hows its 90% safe..haha that doesnt mean its always safe remember the other 10%.

So people out there who love sex so much please do remember to play safe and use a condom.

precaution is better then cure!!

You wouldn't wanna get a baby that fast..haha..so remember always..PLAY SAFE!!

Have fun!!Take care!!

Tiring But Weird Day

Let set the day, today is the first day PC fair in Kuala Lumpur in KLCC and for being so stupid i thought of driving there.Hell, it took me and 3 other of my friend to find a parking about 3 hours.HELLL!!!Every parking area was full.Me and my other 3 friends were so hungry and i was starving to death for not eating dinner the night before(wasnt hungry at that moment) , and i was giving up for searching for 3 hours and my other 3 more friends in another car already got a parking.SO its been 3 hours, me and my friend almost gave up(Plus we almost decided to park into some developers company parking lot..haha!but no we didnt) and when we were about to go away and cancel the plan and feed ourself all sudden THANK GOD!!MUACKX!! the freaking parking lot in KLCC open and i canthe freaking parking and finally EAT!!!whoa!!v

haha, but that not the best part yet. As i and my friend were about to leave and pay the parking ticket at the autopay ticket machine i , erm, well actually lost the ticket..haha..yea yea i noe, im stupid. Well, we got an idea to make a report saying that i lost my wallet. So me alone went up to the KLCC receptionist to tell them that i lost my wallet together with the parking ticket. haha, hey im not going to pay RM50 im broke already!! I told her i got two wallet and one has all my credit card (Which i said i kept in my car) and the other has my money and parking ticket which got "lost".she told me to talk to the parking officer so i did and they told me to find the security to make a report and i did. whoa its so deep inside the mall and i thought i was going to get rape..haha..yea yea stupid thinking again hey you never know right. well then back to the story i was inside and i make my report and for that i got out without paying a cent.FREE PARKING!!woohoo..after i hand in the report to the parking attendant he will then open the gate for me and she said i can make my police report.haha..but then well you guys know that wont be happening. well i save on parking ticket today. Hopefully none of those security is reading this blog or else im not going to step foot in KLCC anymore. 

well ill end here.that my day for today. Freaking tiring and exhausted now.Good nite people!

P.S= im not bad im just being "salty" due to being broke.XD

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Day For Today

Hello again! Here my second post and i have something i that would love to share with everyone.
I went for breakfast together with my family in Penang where my hometown is, we went to hearten lane where there you can find the famous Keow Teow Th'ng.As i was about to enter just right in front of me i saw a guy who look so familiar. Black dude with hair looks like the 70's what so they called as afro (hopefully i spelled that correctly) and dang he really do look familiar as somewhere i seen him before. Then i ask my brother and he told me he was one of the dude from the alleycats. Well, he was staring at me so i stare back then my mum who was sitting right beside me i ask her for comfirmation if it was him and all sudden she shouted "YEA!!ALLEYCAT!!" haha...that dude was looking at us and my mum laugh so loud for shouting without any realisation, and for that the dude kept on eyeing on my mum. But hey no harm done, haha first time i seen a local artist sitting just right opposite the table.

Was kinda nice though and i have no idea writing here would do but hey im blogging arent i? haha..might be lame might be boring..im trying im trying to write.I might joke and it might not be funny, I might say lame things and i know many going to say i do suck, and i think this is what u called blogging right? writing things as if its a diary but its shared with others instead of being secretive bout it. Well, then hope ill write better next time. haha well see you again.^__^PEACE OUT!